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HoverMap, a versatile LiDAR scanning solution, makes mapping of inaccessible areas safe, easy and fast. Designed as a drone payload, HoverMap combines advanced collision avoidance and autonomous flight technologies to safely and rapidly map hazardous and GPS-denied environments. Easily mounted on a drone, a vehicle or handheld, HoverMap captures high resolution point clouds when flying, driving or walking. 

Improved Insights:

  • Colorized point clouds provide a realistic and intuitive view

  • Better identification of geometry and geotechnical features.

  • Support classification of plant and equipment

  • Easily detect environmental changes

Lidar provides a wealth of information for various applications and offers several advantages over traditional methods for aerial mapping. Lidar is changing the paradigm of terrain mapping and gaining popularity in many applications such as forest inventory, floodplain mapping, hydrology, geomorphology, urban planning, landscape ecology, coastal engineering, survey assessments, and volumetric calculations. All these applications can take advantage of combining lidar and GIS to conduct analysis and manage, visualize, and disseminate lidar data. 


Keep personnel away from edges, confined spaces or heights. Fly HoverMap beyond line-of-sight and capture critical data to assess the condition of assets and improve safety decision-making.  


Quickly and safely map inaccessible areas and assets with minimal disruption to operations. Fly, walk or drive HoverMap to capture data where and when you need it. 


HoverMap can be on the job and done with a quick turn around. It takes a few minutes to image complex assets that would take hours using traditional survey techniques.  


Explore and map inaccessible areas. HoverMap’s beyond line-of-sight flight enables capture of accurate, high resolution point clouds without shadowing and delivers greater confidence in analytical or modeling outputs.


  • Buildings and Construction

  • Tunnels & Bridges

  • Infrastructure

  • Transmission Towers and Lines

  • Telecommunication Towers

  • Indoor and Outdoor Industrial Plant

  • Enclosed Spaces (Tanks)

  • Vertical Shafts

  • Piers and Ports

  • Urban Mapping

  • Space Optimization

  • BMI

  • Visual Effects (VFX)

Example A&E Projects well suited for Hovermap

  • Utilization for Transportation and Commercial: Subway Stations, Subway Tunnels, Power Rectifier Sub-Stations

  • Industrial Space Utilization: Warehouses, Manufacturing, Plants, Stockyards, Heavy Equipment, Cranes

  • Office Space Utilization: Floor plans, Cube Farms, Swing Spaces, Space Calculations, Space Management

  • Real Estate: Accurate Drawings, Floor Plans, Safety Routes, Inspection Data, Virtual Walkthroughs

  • Renovation: Pre-site condition, RFP support, Stakeholder Visualization, Project Management Review, Project Close-out

In House Image is a minority and woman owned business enterprise | MWBE #0227856

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